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AI,VR,AR, & MR Online Mastering/Mixing License
          Agreements at The Boston Studios




Below are the procedural steps for A.I. Recording, Mastering/Mixing production workflow services at World Award-Winning U-IMAGING The Boston Studios. Please, emai us your AIFF (Mac) or WAV (Win) conventional master track  using google drive . A single track to be mastered is at $250 less than 10 minutes in length.

Step.1 A.I. Track Calibrating

This is the essential step for A.I. Mastering- If this process it's a good fit- we'll evaluate your material and text message you through email, then you may proceed to Step.2

Step.2 A.I. Track Formatting

This is an innovative U-Bit Tape Manufacturing- upon completion of proceeding to Step.3


Sound Monitor

This Step.3 is the A.I. Encoding, Mastering/Mixing and U--IMAGING finalization for network operating system quality statistics

Sound Equipment


by NEV Sound Research TM

AI Console Developer & Film Composer: Erucakra Mahameru

Whether you are doing Professional film scoring/composition, advanced synthesis sound design, or innovative recording project, AI-FILM COMPOSER program can increase your  productivity level.

And should you look forward to programming your future online mastering studios into tomorrow's AI, VR, AR, & MR production environments we are here at The Boston Studios to prepare all the things you need for planning, licensing, and more.


Before we send you a link to purchase our AI Independent Track shown below, please  send us a link or email us your mp4 material using google drive. We'll  first evaluate your project in order to proceed, then if it's a good fit the next step is to format the audio track you send us. Note that we only receive project that's not more than 10 (ten) minutes duration. Our previous Film Scoring/Trailer Competition project we've done with Spitfire HBO Westworld's film trailer data was sent along with the inclusive actors' recorded voice dialog  which we will then do separate

AI sound format for the audio file to have perfect harmony in-sync with the original HBO Westworld movie frames.

As the UNESCO WAN-IFRA Germany World Award-Winning U-IMAGING technology media invention for new Business Innovation category, we're the only company in the world that are doing high resolution film-to-sound sync production and manufacturing.

Please also note, for audio film sync project, you are required to send the ASCAP  cue-sheet with requested information back to ASCAP.

We'll send your NEV-mp4 final encoded film master back to your link or using google drive in

10 (ten) business days when the 'initial' project started.


AI CONSOLE 4-01.png

New A.I. musical instrument & sound design product arrival,
get your master
use license

U.S. patent pending world award-winning U-AI NEV certified sound technology network operating system software

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