AI,VR,AR, & MR Online Mastering/Mixing License Agreements

Sound Equipment


by NEV Sound Research TM

PD Executive Producer/Guitar Sound Developer Said Van Hussein . PD Co-Producer/Inventor/Guitar Sound Developer Erucakra Mahameru.

PD Sound Programmer/Voice & Drums Developer Imam Payne. Bass Programmer/Developer Rio Siregar.

PD Mixing/Mastering Engineer/Operator Eko Dewo.

Whether you are doing Professional film scoring/composition, advanced synthesis sound design, or innovative recording project, U-AI PRODUCERS can increase your  productivity level.

And should you look forward to programming your future online mastering studios into tomorrow's AI, VR, AR, & MR productions environment we are here to prepare all the things you need for planning, licensing, and more.


Once you purchase our U-AI Track shown below, we'll first evaluate your project in order to proceed, then if it's a good fit we then format the audio track you send us- drop us a link so we can grab your materials (mp4, mp3, etc.), we only receive project that's not more than 3 (three) minutes duration. Our previous Film Scoring/Trailer Competition project we've done with Spitfire HBO Westworld's film trailer data was sent along with the inclusive actors' recorded voice dialog  which we will then do separate

U-AI sound format for the audio file to have perfect harmony in-sync with the original HBO Westworld movie frames.

As UNESCO WAN-IFRA Germany World Award-Winning U-IMAGING technology media invention for new Business Innovation category, we're the only company in the world that are doing high resolution film-to-sound sync production and manufacturing.

Please note, for audio film sync project, you are required to send the ASCAP  cue-sheet with requested information back to ASCAP.

We'll send your NEV final encoded sound master in the following formats such as NEV-mp3,NEV-mp4, NEV-WAV, and NEV-AIFF back to your link in

10 (ten) business days when the 'initial' project started.





This is a normal  TAURON vocal track you can play/hear-

Erucakra Mahameru,

U-AI NEV Sound Inventor & PD CoProducer/Developer



Listen the normal TAURON vocal track with this Auto-tune  algorithm you can play/hear-

Imam Payne, PD Sound Programmer/Developer



Listen to this complex and unique TAURON Dynamic Auto-tune you can play/hear-

Imam Payne, PD Sound Programmer/Developer

Dyna Auto-Tune Vocal Track
Auto-Tune Vocal Track
Normal Vocal Track

TAURON  (WEM USA-ASCAP Music) Tracks are composed by Erucakra Mahameru and arranged by Produksidendam (PD)

World Award-Winning U-AI NEV Certified Sound Technology licensed under U.S. copyrights