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Ed Van Ness & Terry Riley "In C" Indonesia

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Western Minimalist Influenced By The Indonesian Gamelan and Jazz

The Terry Riley "In C" Indonesia is an awesome phenomena on rare situation-especially in a gigantic Jazz Concert event. Sometimes you could hear the Classic Progressive Rock Group"Gentle Giant" sound in the middle of the orchestra journey and arrangement when Ed Van Ness conducted it in the 7th North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2017.

“In the hands of a Maestro like Ed ,"In C" would be a whole a lot of new dimension of music territory - there’s a stunning score of musical freedom for everyone.”

Ed told the audience that the composer himself Terry Riley approved to all the musicians performed that night at the JW Marriott Medan that the show must go on-The 2nd Terry Riley "In C" Indonesia.

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Under construction (#vacation #dream #summer) .



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