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WEM USA-ASCAP For Heavy Metal Licensing

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

WEM USA-ASCAP ready to commit to Heavy Metal Band Licenses & Royalties.

The innovative Heavy Metal Band PD (Produksidendam) heading for their U.S. and international debut. Now number 1 (one) in Modern Heavy Metal WEM USA top charts, PD will soon launch the third final trilogy album this year entitled "Monster Fall" will change the Heavy Metal music course forever.

“We're expecting new change in our music- Erucakra's contra line guitar sound and harmony will definitely give different impact for the album” Said Van Hussein revealed

(WEM USA interview).

Heavy Metal & Copyrights : How serious ?

Behind the support and new fundamental UNESCO WAN-IFRA world award-winning quantum U-IMAGING NEV sound recording/mastering innovation invented by Erucakra Mahameru the band album production started to define new perspective in copyrights and licensing. Although there are milestones ahead in the upcoming ASIA tour schedule organised by an international record label, the band leader and founder Said Van Hussein already preparing for PD Live Video Streaming program this month (#modernheavymetal #progressiveheavymetal #copyrights).


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